Some Food Vocabulary

Food, Language

Östanbris Chinese Online: Pebbles with Wings 1 (Elementary)

** In order to learn how to pronounce the words, you can copy and paste the Chinese words on “google translate”, then you will be able to hear the pronunciations.**


面 (mian4)noodles


饭 (fan4)  米饭 (mi3 fan4)  rice


握寿司 (wo4 shou4 si1)Sushi,with a rolled-by-hand piece of rice at the bottom and a piece of fish on top

寿司 (shou4 si1)Sushi

Learning Extensions:

我要一碗饭 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 fan4) I want a bowl of rice.

我要一碗面 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 mian4) I want a bowl of noodles.

我要一份寿司/握寿司 (wo3 yao4 yi2 fen4 shou4 si1/ wo4 shou4 si1) I want a plate of sushi/rice at the bottom-fish on top sushi.

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