Mind thinks in images but, to communicate with another, must transform image into thought and then thought into language

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As we reach the end of the industrial era, with all that it has brought us and cost us, what do we want our future relationship with work to be?


Bookish Acronyms 101: A Book Community Beginner’s Guide to the Lingo!

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Vicky Who Reads

Sometimes when I talk on Twitter (or even this blog!) I get questions about the abbreviations I use, so I thought I’d make this list to help newbie bloggers & book community members get acquainted with some of the terminology!

It’d be a total pain typing out the words “Young Adult” every time I write YA, and so I hope this list becomes a resource! If I remember any more acronyms, I’ll make sure to update this list with them.

Also, if you think I’m missing anything let me know! I’d love to add it on so this list is more comprehensive.

I really hope this is helpful, and totally do not hesitate to ask if you’re confused about an acronym’s definition! I’m here to help!

NOTE: When talking in the book community, sometimes people use intentionally vague abbreviations (i.e. MM could be Marissa Meyer or Maura…

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Some Food Vocabulary

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Östanbris Chinese Online: Pebbles with Wings 1 (Elementary)

** In order to learn how to pronounce the words, you can copy and paste the Chinese words on “google translate”, then you will be able to hear the pronunciations.**


面 (mian4)noodles


饭 (fan4)  米饭 (mi3 fan4)  rice


握寿司 (wo4 shou4 si1)Sushi,with a rolled-by-hand piece of rice at the bottom and a piece of fish on top

寿司 (shou4 si1)Sushi

Learning Extensions:

我要一碗饭 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 fan4) I want a bowl of rice.

我要一碗面 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 mian4) I want a bowl of noodles.

我要一份寿司/握寿司 (wo3 yao4 yi2 fen4 shou4 si1/ wo4 shou4 si1) I want a plate of sushi/rice at the bottom-fish on top sushi.

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