Mind thinks in images but, to communicate with another, must transform image into thought and then thought into language

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As we reach the end of the industrial era, with all that it has brought us and cost us, what do we want our future relationship with work to be?


Fine is on par with average or boring


It’s equivalent to settling for less or treating the mundane as ideal. There’s nothing wrong with the ordinary, mind you, but it shouldn’t be a goal. Normalcy isn’t admirable. (At least settling for the same-old safe thing is just an excuse for not trying to grow.)


“Log Kya Kahenge” syndrome

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Blame Bollywood masala movies for all the “Love is friendship” or “A girl and a boy can never be friends” crap.

Lets allow our mind to be a little more open and not discriminate anything on gender basis. Lets stop judging people, People!


Vernacular, which is no new term in contemporary discourse , means language

In fact, the Indian press has its roots in vernacular newspapers which run till day to cater to the majority of the grassroots population which is mainly Hindi speaking. Hence, it can be established that local dilaect holds umpteen importance for any campaign or cause in the country. And when one talks about campaigns and cause, the rapid emergence and impact of internet, digital platforms cannot be avoided.


Beliefs are generalizations, feelings of certainty on the basis of events or references that we perceive & accept as true

You might believe something based on some past references, facts, opinions or assumptions. Our beliefs are driven by our generalizations about what we have learned could lead us to pain & pleasure. Our belief system is not necessarily correct. Interestingly, we are driven by our beliefs.