What does “Hybrid” Mean in the Data World?

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“Hybrid” in the data world may mean different things. This is a list of most common definitions I came across.

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  1. A mix between OLTP and analytical function that allows organizations you generate fast analytics while permitting real-time data processing and acquisition.
  2. A variety of data sources, including edge technologies (IoT), traditional relational data, images, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  3. An approach that is a combination of both in-the-cloud and on-premise.
  4. In-memory and disk-based. Traditional DBMSs were designed in an era when most data processing was disk based. More modern analytics databases tend to be in-memory as this layer is much faster than disk. A combination of the two could be considered a hybrid database.

What other definitions have you found?


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What is Beauty?

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A Patchwork of Perceptions

own kind of beautiful Clipart

My roommate and I have a tapestry hung in our living room that declares, “Be your own kind of beautiful.” This implies that the meaning of beauty varies, and even that each person creates his or her own definition of beautiful. Furthermore, we ascribe beauty to a number of images that draw contrary emotions. We behold an idyllic landscape and call it beautiful, then a novel wrought with sorrow, and even a suicide.

Are we applying the term too broadly, or does it simply have a broad meaning?

Culture, it might be argued, affects what a community accepts as beautiful. Standards of beauty change with history, as in China where bound feet once represented feminine beauty. From this perspective, beauty has meaning over subjectively; we adopt a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” stance. What, then, becomes of beauty’s position as a transcendental element?

girl and dog beautiful Photo…

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What does wellness mean?

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The Knowledge Spot

You’re a very complex and unique individual. What does your health look like? Everyone’s perfect picture of health will look just a little different. Wellness isn’t about being the skinniest or most buff person in the room, it’s all about being happy and feeling healthy, and finding workouts that work for you. It’s also not about eating a salad for every meal of every day. A good rule to follow is, “everything in moderation”; practice living a life that you love that is healthy and sustainable in the long-term. 

Photo by Megan Hodges on Unsplash

Wellness is a very holistic thing with many important aspects. Your wellness isn’t only physical but also very much about how you’re feeling mentally. Many times, when one vital part of your life is off balance, it puts off the rest of your life.

Some (but not all) vital aspects of your wellness include your…

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What the FUCK is Self-Care …

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Living Through Grace

In current social media standards, I would describe self-care as “sexy”, bubble baths, wine, face masks, #selflove, #treatyourself but what is the point in all those things. Personally, these forms of self-care have never been realistic to me. Also, who can afford these kinds of self-care on a regular basis because as a struggling student I certainly cannot.

Webster’s dictionary describes self-care as “care for oneself” so if this is how we describe self-care couldn’t we say eating vegetables is self-care or going to the dentist is self-care. These things absolutely are self-care, but no one posts this stuff on social media because it’s not sexy enough.

The term self-care is extremely important in the realm of mental health as someone who had struggled with their mental health for me self-care has been making sure I brush my teeth twice a day or having three meals a day. Self-care shouldn’t…

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a word
you often come across in self help books or perhaps read an article or two
about in cosmopolitan. A simple concept which is often poorly explained.

So what
actually is self care?

anything you do to feel good about yourself and to be in a better , more
positive space of mind. It’s self compassion and self love.

However, it’s important to know that not everything that feels good is self care. Drugs, alcohol, over eating and other risky businesses only provide temporary relief. The difference between these unhealthy coping mechanisms and self  care is that the latter is uncontroversially good for you.

Quite often we treat self care as a luxury and save it as remedies for ‘that one bad day’. It’s important know that if you practice self care more often your mind and body would cope up with those ‘bad days’ a…

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What Does Self-Care Actually Mean?

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Sammy Loves x

Admittedly, I have never really been interested in self care until this year. This could be due to society’s approach to mental health becoming much more open. Or the fact that the internet is now full of relatable quotes about cancelled plans and taking days off to yourself.

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The Chronicles of Roni

In brief, flourishing is what one makes of it. Scrolling through the internet one can find definitions upon definitions but in reality, flourishing never stops growing and I mean that both metaphorically and figuratively. Surprisingly, psychologists such as founding father Dr. Martin Seligman have tried to officially define this process of growth in one’s life but the simple conclusion is ‘take whatever makes you happy and run with it.” It is hard to follow a psychological process like this one because it will probably change in ten years. Unlike previous definitions, flourishing is a measure of happiness and that only because once one starts to measure the labeled negative emotions that are when one introduces unnecessary attention to the complications in one’s life. If there is one point in this piece to take home, it should be to build a foundation that has always made you feel invincible and rely…

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