Leaving A Meaningless Life To Find Life’s Meaning

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Entering The Force-Field

Question: How do you live with the fact that life is meaningless? What should I live for?

Answer: I can’t live with the fact that is meaningless. The moment one had the question about “meaning of life” popping into one’s head, this question becomes irrepressible, intolerable and one has to search for a meaning.

And this is not something we invent. Natural evolution awakens this question in us, as our evolutionary Human purpose is to research Nature’s system, to unveil evolution’s intelligent, predetermined plan and our unique Human role in it so we can fulfill it, justifying our life.

Without a meaning, without fulfilling our Human purpose we can’t justify being called “Human”!

Thus please do not suppress the question about “meaning”, do not accept anybody offering you as “fact”that life has no meaning, instead continue searching until you find a suitable, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing…

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Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

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I’ve been seeing a certain neologism increasingly often recently. The neologism is neurodiverse and as far as I understand it is a nice, non-offensive way to say somebody has a mental condition that may or may not be subject to medical diagnosis. That’s unless the somebody is Donald Trump, who is a plain idiot because nobody likes him and it’s okay to use offensive language on him because he uses offensive language on everyone. Fair.

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Risk vs. Threat

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“Be brave.  Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian novelist

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., an American activist

Both risk and threat are about some unpleasant or even dangerous things. But they are different. How? Do you feel it? Read on to put the feeling into words and also learn some useful vocabulary to talk about risks and threats.


Risk(countable/uncountable) is the possibility that something unpleasant or dangerousmight happen (Macmillan Dictionary):

The riskof global economic losses continues to grow.

You’re at risk of developing a secondary infection.

This presents a great risk that innocent people will be killed.

The equipment posed no health risk to visitors or operators.

Risk is always a countable noun if you mean someone or something that is likely to be a danger or problem in the future:

It’s a risk to 

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Some Food Vocabulary

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Östanbris Chinese Online: Pebbles with Wings 1 (Elementary)

** In order to learn how to pronounce the words, you can copy and paste the Chinese words on “google translate”, then you will be able to hear the pronunciations.**


面 (mian4)noodles


饭 (fan4)  米饭 (mi3 fan4)  rice


握寿司 (wo4 shou4 si1)Sushi,with a rolled-by-hand piece of rice at the bottom and a piece of fish on top

寿司 (shou4 si1)Sushi

Learning Extensions:

我要一碗饭 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 fan4) I want a bowl of rice.

我要一碗面 (wo3 yao4 yi4 wan3 mian4) I want a bowl of noodles.

我要一份寿司/握寿司 (wo3 yao4 yi2 fen4 shou4 si1/ wo4 shou4 si1) I want a plate of sushi/rice at the bottom-fish on top sushi.

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All the Different Types of Coffee Made in The World

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Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

Coffee: The Wonder Beverage

 It’s one of the most addictive and popular beverages in the world. It suppresses the parts of your mind that aren’t quite alert. But coffee does more than just make our work mornings—and nights—liveable. Coffee has played a huge role in world history, going back to colonial times. As is the case with many beverages, coffee comes from a plant, and there are at least 100 types of coffee beans. These species have been selectively bred and refined for hundreds of years. It’s a huge source of income for developing economies like Vietnam and Brazil. Wherever you go, this ubiquitous drink has unique, yet similar, methods of consumption.

Just what is it that makes coffee such a universally beloved beverage? How many types of coffee are there, and what is the strongest type of coffee in the world? How is coffee made, and what…

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