What the FUCK is Self-Care …

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Living Through Grace

In current social media standards, I would describe self-care as “sexy”, bubble baths, wine, face masks, #selflove, #treatyourself but what is the point in all those things. Personally, these forms of self-care have never been realistic to me. Also, who can afford these kinds of self-care on a regular basis because as a struggling student I certainly cannot.

Webster’s dictionary describes self-care as “care for oneself” so if this is how we describe self-care couldn’t we say eating vegetables is self-care or going to the dentist is self-care. These things absolutely are self-care, but no one posts this stuff on social media because it’s not sexy enough.

The term self-care is extremely important in the realm of mental health as someone who had struggled with their mental health for me self-care has been making sure I brush my teeth twice a day or having three meals a day. Self-care shouldn’t…

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