The Fixer

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“What’s a ‘fixer?’” I asked my husband as we sat sweating together under the relentless sun with the hundreds of other unfortunate souls renewing their driver’s licenses. Bored to tears from the hours of waiting and miserable from the heat, I had taken to scrutinizing every detail of my surroundings. (This was pre- smart phone or tablet days, and the sun was too glaring to be able to read the paperback I’d brought along.) A handwritten notice was pinned to the wall in front of me stating, “Beware fixers.” My husband explained that fixers are people who are paid to take your place in situations just such as this, and who go through the tedious lines and hoops for you while you stay at home or work in air-conditioned comfort. Sounded like a great idea!

“They’re illegal,” Steve said, bursting my rising bubble of hope.

I still wondered why we…

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Singapore Landed houses Design series – What are the differences between New built, reconstruction and A&A?

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Quod Architects x QED Design

If you are thinking of renovating your landed house without tearing it down and rebuilding it, you may come across terms such as “A&A” (Additions & Alterations) and “Reconstruction” very often.

Clients often ask, “We are mainly making changes to the interior design, with some changes on façade, in my landed house. Is this considered A&A or reconstruction?” You may wonder, what are the differences between them and are there any implications on the design of the landed house?

On a scale of continuum, the extent of changes in an A&A development is less than that in a reconstruction.singapore landed house design

The classification of the redevelopment under the URA guidelines, will affect the type of regulations applicable to the design of your landed house in Singapore.

Refer to the table below to find out if your redevelopment falls under A&A or Reconstruction.

singapore landed house design - comparison between reconstruction and a&a

New built or reconstruction of landed houses will be subject…

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Which is better and Why? Acceptance OR Tolerance

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Love and spirituality Guidance

Tolerance is a virtue. We all know that. But virtues can be a bit tough to imbibe and tolerance also needs a huge dose of patience.

What is tolerance and why is tolerance a virtue?

Tolerance finds a balance between indulgence—anything goes—and narrow-mindedness.

The book “The Truth about Tolerance” describes ten “truths of tolerance”. Few are paraphrased here:

  1. Tolerance is a patience toward a practice or opinion you disapprove of— Tolerance is being agreeable—listening carefully and treating the person with dignity and respect—while you disagree. You continue a critical analysis of all you know and believe to be true, in light of the different viewpoint expressed by the person you disagree with.
  1. Tolerance is the virtue that makes peace possible—Tolerance allows people the liberty and personal freedom of self-determination. Toleration promotes the free exchange of ideas, including criticism and debate of public policy in the interest of…

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Goals vs Habits

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Yoga Lifestyle with Cristina

Let’s take the most cliche and universal New Year’s Resolution of the bunch: “I want to lose 20 lbs and look sexy for summer.”

I think almost everyone has had this resolution at some point. In most cases, you recover from your New Year’s Eve binge on January 1st, sign up for the gym on January 2nd, force yourself to go 5-6 times over the ensuing months mostly out of guilt because you spent so much damn money and you feel like you should use it. But you have no idea what you’re doing. And my god, look at all of the skinny sweaty people here. Wow, I feel so lazy just watching them. Can this treadmill go any slower? I’m tired. I want a burger. Or maybe ice cream. Or maybe an ice cream burger.

Diet goals in life: The real reason you go to the gym: so you…

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Leaving A Meaningless Life To Find Life’s Meaning

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Entering The Force-Field

Question: How do you live with the fact that life is meaningless? What should I live for?

Answer: I can’t live with the fact that is meaningless. The moment one had the question about “meaning of life” popping into one’s head, this question becomes irrepressible, intolerable and one has to search for a meaning.

And this is not something we invent. Natural evolution awakens this question in us, as our evolutionary Human purpose is to research Nature’s system, to unveil evolution’s intelligent, predetermined plan and our unique Human role in it so we can fulfill it, justifying our life.

Without a meaning, without fulfilling our Human purpose we can’t justify being called “Human”!

Thus please do not suppress the question about “meaning”, do not accept anybody offering you as “fact”that life has no meaning, instead continue searching until you find a suitable, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing…

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Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

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I’ve been seeing a certain neologism increasingly often recently. The neologism is neurodiverse and as far as I understand it is a nice, non-offensive way to say somebody has a mental condition that may or may not be subject to medical diagnosis. That’s unless the somebody is Donald Trump, who is a plain idiot because nobody likes him and it’s okay to use offensive language on him because he uses offensive language on everyone. Fair.

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Risk vs. Threat

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“Be brave.  Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian novelist

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., an American activist

Both risk and threat are about some unpleasant or even dangerous things. But they are different. How? Do you feel it? Read on to put the feeling into words and also learn some useful vocabulary to talk about risks and threats.


Risk(countable/uncountable) is the possibility that something unpleasant or dangerousmight happen (Macmillan Dictionary):

The riskof global economic losses continues to grow.

You’re at risk of developing a secondary infection.

This presents a great risk that innocent people will be killed.

The equipment posed no health risk to visitors or operators.

Risk is always a countable noun if you mean someone or something that is likely to be a danger or problem in the future:

It’s a risk to 

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