All the Different Types of Coffee Made in The World

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Coffee: The Wonder Beverage

 It’s one of the most addictive and popular beverages in the world. It suppresses the parts of your mind that aren’t quite alert. But coffee does more than just make our work mornings—and nights—liveable. Coffee has played a huge role in world history, going back to colonial times. As is the case with many beverages, coffee comes from a plant, and there are at least 100 types of coffee beans. These species have been selectively bred and refined for hundreds of years. It’s a huge source of income for developing economies like Vietnam and Brazil. Wherever you go, this ubiquitous drink has unique, yet similar, methods of consumption.

Just what is it that makes coffee such a universally beloved beverage? How many types of coffee are there, and what is the strongest type of coffee in the world? How is coffee made, and what…

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