Which is better and Why? Acceptance OR Tolerance

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Tolerance is a virtue. We all know that. But virtues can be a bit tough to imbibe and tolerance also needs a huge dose of patience.

What is tolerance and why is tolerance a virtue?

Tolerance finds a balance between indulgence—anything goes—and narrow-mindedness.

The book “The Truth about Tolerance” describes ten “truths of tolerance”. Few are paraphrased here:

  1. Tolerance is a patience toward a practice or opinion you disapprove of— Tolerance is being agreeable—listening carefully and treating the person with dignity and respect—while you disagree. You continue a critical analysis of all you know and believe to be true, in light of the different viewpoint expressed by the person you disagree with.
  1. Tolerance is the virtue that makes peace possible—Tolerance allows people the liberty and personal freedom of self-determination. Toleration promotes the free exchange of ideas, including criticism and debate of public policy in the interest of…

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Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

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I’ve been seeing a certain neologism increasingly often recently. The neologism is neurodiverse and as far as I understand it is a nice, non-offensive way to say somebody has a mental condition that may or may not be subject to medical diagnosis. That’s unless the somebody is Donald Trump, who is a plain idiot because nobody likes him and it’s okay to use offensive language on him because he uses offensive language on everyone. Fair.

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