Singapore Landed houses Design series – What are the differences between New built, reconstruction and A&A?

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If you are thinking of renovating your landed house without tearing it down and rebuilding it, you may come across terms such as “A&A” (Additions & Alterations) and “Reconstruction” very often.

Clients often ask, “We are mainly making changes to the interior design, with some changes on façade, in my landed house. Is this considered A&A or reconstruction?” You may wonder, what are the differences between them and are there any implications on the design of the landed house?

On a scale of continuum, the extent of changes in an A&A development is less than that in a reconstruction.singapore landed house design

The classification of the redevelopment under the URA guidelines, will affect the type of regulations applicable to the design of your landed house in Singapore.

Refer to the table below to find out if your redevelopment falls under A&A or Reconstruction.

singapore landed house design - comparison between reconstruction and a&a

New built or reconstruction of landed houses will be subject…

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